Charlie is invisible!

Charlie finds the tree a perfect place to hide

Charlie finds the tree a perfect place to hide

This is what Charlie did moments after I finished putting up our Christmas tree. Hid under it! And he sure felt invisible too!!

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Christmas CenterPiece


Each year we would buy Christmas center pieces. Except for this year, we did not. Instead I opted to do it myself and I couldn’t believe why I had not thought of that the past 15 years?!?

I’m quite pleased with the outcome, and much happier that my husband is also pleased. I have luckily 2 beautiful vases and I did both. This is the one placed at the center table in our living room, with a red and gold motif. The other was was with silver and rustic motif, which I gave to my husband’s uncle who is living in a homecare. He too was very pleased with his piece. I actually liked the one I gave him more than ours’ , Lol!

I think I’ll just make them myself each year, not only that I can do any design that I want but it’s also cheaper than store bought. AND I enjoyed making it!

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Does Silence means Yes, Bill Cosby?

I grew up watching Cliff Huxtable and family regularly. “Tight” but at the same time, crazy bunch. The character Bill Cosby played was the ‘loving’ dad and husband…who wouldn’t ‘admire’that?

Undoubtedly, Cosby was ‘powerful’ among his peers. He was one star that his peers would stop on their track and perhaps shake his hand when they meet him in any gathering. He has enjoyed decades of popularity.

Then women, who supposedly were raped by Cosby started telling their stories. 18 Women. 18! And he is all quiet about the allegations….what does his silence means?

“At some point, his silence becomes almost kind of an admission,” he said. “These are horrible, horrendous allegations.”

Cosby has not commented on the allegations, leaving that to his lawyer.

In a recent statement, Singer said it defies common sense that “so many people would have said nothing, done nothing, and made no reports to law enforcement or asserted civil claims if they thought they had been assaulted over a span of so many years.”

By CNN’s count, at least 18 women have gone public with accusations.

“He owes this country. He owes his fans. He owes the women some kind of statement,” said Jones, who is also an attorney. “I think this level of silence for this long is unfair to everybody.”

- source

Clearly Cosby’s star has gone dark. Performances canceled, university severed their ties with him…etc. If proven all allegations correcttrue, do you think this old man should spend the rest of his life in jail?

If guilty, I vote for Yes. No one is above the law, Dr. Huxtable. And may you ask for forgiveness to those you’ve done wrong. And for your soul.

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End of Autumn

End of Autumn is here….so I thought it’s about time to end this long break from blogging.

Is it true that the older the person gets, the faster the time goes for them? If it’s true, then I certainly am one of the old ones as I couldn’t believe how fast my day goes! 24 hours isn’t enough to accomplish all that needed to do.

According to the weather forecast, tomorrow we will be having the first snow here in Holland. And I am not looking forward to it :( Why can’t Autumn just stay? Or better yet, why can’t we have summer the whole year ’round?
IMG_1582I’ll sure miss your gorgeous colours, Autumn!

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