Jan 192014


I got some flower this week which I found quite pretty that I had to photograph some of them. Not just photograph but I really had fun composing some playful water droplets on them and not just shoot the flowers alone.
I also used some apps on my iphone that I haven’t used in a long time.

I also used my husband’s gift for me last Christmas, a small mirrorless camera where I can use my lenses on. I can’t compare it with my bigger camera bodies in terms of quality, the latter being better, but I would not say that the mirrorless is bad. But I can see the difference. Only I am quite happy that my husband’s gifted me with this smaller and lighter body which I can carry with me all the time. All the time! That I couldn;t do with my bigger camera bodies, they are really back breaking, literally.

Jan 192014

I’m really beginning to feel old! I finally understand many old people I knew in the past (may they rest in peace) they all had one thing in common. They all said: “I don’t feel my age. I know physically I am less capable but mentally I’m still a teener” …and they were right! I feel the same way now. That makes me a little sad…because there are things that I wanted to do but couldn’t do anymore. Like going to concerts! As an ex-musician music was everything to me, but now….I can’t even bear the stereo set to loud volume. In the past it wasn’t a problem standing next to a guitarist and his vox amplifier that was facing us nor was it a problem to stand next to an almostĀ  exploding speakers to my ears…but now? How I wish we all have the power to turn back the time whenever we feel like it and enjoy both past, now, and the future…wouldn’t that be awesome?!

But the reality is…we’re all getting older, just some of us gets there faster. One thing I am thankful for is that I can still listen to my favorite ‘old’ music at home and I can turn the volume high or low. Can’t live without music!


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Jan 192014

I know that I shouldn’t be spending money these days. Times are hard right now and would become even harder the coming months for my small family. I have searched for a ring with my birthstone in the past but I have been unsuccessful in finding the pair until I came across this website that offers these birthstone rings so…it’s a little bit daunting whether to purchase it as it’s within a budget that I can afford, or do it another time when things get better.

Ah I know the right answer to this…there is always a right time for everything :)

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Jan 152014


‘Thought I would post something different, one I have never published before on any of my blogs (I think, if I remember it right, lol!) An ‘hdr’ photo! Instagram world is quite forgiving when it comes to definition or ‘hdr’ or ‘bokeh’ or selfie’ (the last, I think, instagram and tweeter are the culprit that’s why it’s on the dictionary, forever! shoot!)

Anyway, I am not good at editing but I do enjoy publishing silly edits like what I’ve done on this shot (during our Thailand vacation last year) the purist in me have fought long and hard to stay away from editing my pictures but eventually gave in as a lot of people on my instagram list are doing it …yeah, I go with the flow now :P Some do edit it quite ‘hard’ you’ll hardly see the subject but I like it lighter, especially doing ‘hdr’ …I don’t like over killing my images.

Well, whatdyathink? Do I have a future in hdr? lol!

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