Jun 302005

For someone who used to be a blog addict, my page resembles a ghost town lately…but I really can’t help it. With work, hospital trips, taking care of 3 houses -not only dil’s but also my bestfriend’s, I do the housesitting yearly when they’re on vacation- being sick myself and of course my little four legged kids fighting for attention as well, I am just glad for my husband’s commitment to these all, great help, great son, great husband!

On Pain: A short report about my dil’s condition. Tuesday and Wednesday, he was in a lot of pain, body shivering whenever he would drink or eat something. We were warned before his chemo treatment that this will be one of the side effects, but it could have been prevented if only the nurses were a bit careful ..I understand that their job isn’t easy because I have an aunt who is a nurse and I’ve seen the exhaustion..but I don’t think stretching a nurse’s duty for a minute or two and give a patient his pills would make a huge difference..nagmamadali kasi umuwi yung nurse at yung pinasahan na nurse on the next shift did not carry out the order, 2x! Still, when my dil heard about this, he was patient hey! is that a pun? and understanding.
Anyway, he’s been transferred to a new facility where he will get his therapy, to make his lower body and back stronger. We’re hoping for the best. Again, thank you guys for your continuous prayers.

On Friendly Face: Last Friday I finally met in person a blog friend/neighbour. Beng and her son drove for about an hour and a half to get to my place..and it was such a welcome treat! With all the things going around our little family, a nice diversion was most needed.Beng’s
a true lady, friendly, warm hearted and really down to earth person who put me at ease right from the very beginning of our meeting – you see, I’ve encountered strangers that has left some negative marks behind and that would usually keep me away and make me hide in my shell, but then I realized that people are not all the same and I refused to let some petty bad experience get in the way of me meeting good people. She is good people. Though her visit was short, we’re both sure it’ll happen again.
I think, no, I know that I found someone who share my interests and that made our meeting interesting as well…our eyes would lit up whenever we’d talk about our addiction – wordpress and designing sites! :shock:..but I think her addiction is a level higher than mine :lol: :grin:

some shots from that visit

immediately, Beng’s son, Gillian got down on the floor and played with my PUGngit who loves children. I could still hear Gillian’s giggles :mrgreen:

then we went to a nearby chinese restaurant to have lunch, Gillian always with a smile when he sees the camera focused on him, teehee:mrgreen:

after lunch and a bit of shopping, we then went back to my place, talked more about our ‘addiction’ and just goofed around!

Beng, sa uulitin okay…pleasure to meet you. :smile:

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Jun 292005

name: ive deleted it but I’m sure it was fake
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name: tata
Thu, 24. Mar 2005 (CET), 08:06:27
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name: haley
Thu, 02. Jun 2005 (CEST), 03:36:02
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City: Mesa, Arizona
message: who are you


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Jun 262005

Oh yes HE IS!
Last Friday (24th) we’ve received some marvelous news, exactly what we have been praying for. Just after father-in-law’s second chemo treatment, he tried to walk unaided without the usual two aids beside him and was able to, few steps and legs pretty shaky but he did it ..walking on his own was not allowed but he’s actually feel embarassed to call the nurses each time he wanted to pee, he often said that the nurses have too many patients to attend to and need a break especially in the middle of the night, that’s why the determination to walk is much stronger because that’s how he is…he hates to burden people., and also sensation is slowly coming back to his lower body, he’s probably got about 20% of it now. The doctors are hoping that he’ll regain his full lower body strength after this second chemo treatment and future physical therapy, but for us, this is a milestone for an 80 year old, and truly thanking the chance in life that he’s been given again (second time to combat cancer) he wants to throw a party when he’s discharged from the hospital, well..we’re all for that! :smile:

I have told my DIL about you guys who are praying for him – of course I had to explain ‘blogging’ – and he’d like to extend his sincerest THANKS to the following:
stel, joie, pinayhekmi, schatzli, jing, jayred, jeff, annabanana, rhada, justice, hazel, sachiko, carms, girlie, scanns, evi, jary, boks, ka uro, amie, celia K, luchie, thaley, toni, tin, beng, lucci, neo and to all the phone calls, emails, & yahoo messages…thank you, from me and my family. Please, may I ask you to continue including my FIL in your prayers, thank you so much.

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