May 252017
Dordrecht Biesbosch

Dordrecht Biesbosch

What a perfect day we’re having today!

Holland is quite a gray, cold, and wet country (that’s how the Asian in me would perfectly describe my adopted country’s weather.) So when the sun shines, I am just like an ant that bores a hole to come up the ground and enjoy the sun!

This was one of the few photos I took during biking earlier. Wonderful view, isn’t it?

May 252017

Blogging has been the last on my list for quite a looooong time now. I’m growing older and finding out that I have so many things that I want to do that I sometimes wish there’s more than just 24 hours in a day.

My Family. Is doing okay. Just a normal family with its ups and downs. We work hard, the best we could, together. Both understanding there’s more to life than work. Life isn’t just about stresses, worries…that we need to enjoy it whenever we could. ❤️

Charlie My dear pug is turning 13 this 10th of June. His eyes aren’t that sharp anymore we had to ‘childproof’ parts of the house to minimize him bumping his head or get his eyes poked when he makes a wrong turn. He’s been sleeping a lot now, although he still plays but only for a while, he eats and drinks well. His rheumatism shows when he takes a long walk so it’s now minimized to a certain distance. But all in all, he is doing well for an old chap!

Me Busy. Learning new things. Busy doing stuff that that are interesting to me. Having new friends that share my interests. The older I get, the more new things that I want to do. That excites me! Finding out age isn’t a barrier to not achieve what you want to achieve but it’s the drive and determination that will get you to where you want to be.

I really should start blogging again……

I’ll try….❤️

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