Nov 192012

“They are just animals, they’re stupid”
Words of people who have no understanding nor care animals. I loathe such people. They either mishandle animals because they believe animals have no feeling, does not get hurt, and have no brain like humans. Oh how wrong they can be. Disgustingly wrong.

My husband and I couldn’t help but be left with our mouths gaped open when our pug would do something we totally would never thought he’ll do or think of! He is smart way beyond our expectations, and I say this not because he is ours but just stating a fact. To give you an example: Charlie, our pug, would look for a ‘gift’ each time I’d come back from doing my grocery shopping…he’d start sniffling around in the kitchen first, because that’s where I stash away my shopped items and if he couldn’t find anything there he’ll go to the livingroom with his nose up in the air. All the time looking at me or my husband with that big eyes of him asking ‘where is my gift?’! If I come home bearing similar toy (because I’d buy from a dollar-shop often because otherwise we’ll go bankrupt) he would turn away from it like he’s saying ‘I already have that one!’ If we fail to bring him ‘gifts’ he will ignore us for a few hours! I had to laugh because my visiting aunt has experienced this, ha ha!

Anyway, what I’m just trying to say is that people who have no care for animals should rethink and change their ways. We all are created equally, just in different forms. Have you watched any dog show? Hah! You’ll be surprised at how humans and dogs work well together and how they simply understand each other without the use of words! Don’t they give trophies to winning dogs just like they give trophies to humans who excelled in their craft? By the way, talk about trophies, if your looking for any discount trophies, simply click the link.

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