Oct 092012

This is Gabrielle, Gabby for short. My husband gave her the fullname, I the nickname. She was an original Simply Vanilla Neo Takara RBL.

So what’s so special about Gabrielle? Because she’s my first Costumized Blythe so she’s a One of a kind Blythe or Blythe OOAK as they’re called once head and whole face was given a new touch.

All works done to her wasn’t for the ‘ fainted heart ‘ because it’s a pretty expensive doll (reason why most collectors are adults) . Faceplates, eyes, body, etc are being sold on doll specialty stores, especially on eBay…..so of course you can buy them. But the thought of having different parts coming from different sources..hmm, well…for me it is still okay!

I have several Takara RBL that I’ll be giving a full face-up and new hair (mostly mohair, yes!) so I might put up a few for adoption too. I know that I’, not going to stop doing a face-up now that I am enjoying doing it (^0^)