May 102008

suri.jpgThis is Suri Cruise, Tom & Katie’s daughter. Suri has turned two years old and still drinks out of a bottle. Apparently that’s bad. The Daily Mail reports:

Parenting experts and paediatricians recommend parents start to wean their child off the bottle at the age of one. The cute toddler is frequently photographed drinking from a bottle – despite turning two last month. Dr Charlotte Cowan, author of the Dr Hippo parenting books, told Us Weekly magazine: “Most paediatricians recommend a bottle should be given up by age one – almost certainly by 18 months.

Since my expertise is limited in pug rearing, help me understand. What is so bad in giving your child, Suri’s age, a bottle? Is it hurting anyone? Will it affect the child’s future disposition in life? Like I said I am not a mom that’s why I am asking here. Are ‘experts’ always right?

What’s the harm in giving a child this age a bottle, when it’s evident that she likes it, she drinks it and not wasting it…and obviously (IMO) it calms her.

Aww this child is cute. ‘Can’t believe she’s Tom’s.

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Dec 062007

Who likes Thai food? What’s your favorite then?

For few years I have lived in Thailand and enjoyed immensely the wonderful Thai culture and yes, its food. But only lately that I truly begin to appreciate how clever the Thai people are when it comes to food preparation. In Europe, it is even called the “French Food of Asia” that more and more European are opening up to this kitchen.

Well, good news is, we do not have to go to a Thai restaurant just to savor their food. In our own home I know we can prepare them the way the Thais do. I may not be a good cook but this is for you guys out there who like Thai food but are not adventurous enough to cook them yourself. Why not try to prepare and cook them yourself and I’m sure you’ll get the hang of preparing it once you’ve tasted your own creation.

I wish to share with you a very easy Thai Chicken satay which all ingredients you can find in our own local markets.

Chicken satay ( Kai sateh)

for recipe including method, please simply click THIS

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