Jul 252012

I’m the kind of shopper who goes for quality of a product instead of fussing about the price. Wait, NO, I am not rich (how I wish I am!) but I believe that sometimes, going for the bargain ones isn’t always the best way to save $$$. I know, you might say there are also quality stuff amongst the inexpensive, to that I totally agree! But you need to have patience and time to look for them. Which exactly what I have when shopping in stores or online, tee hee*

So right now, I am browsing for leather wallets since two male friends’birthdays are coming up! Just the time to ‘exercise’my patience in finding the best but affordable gifts online. My husband says I’m such a shopaholic (online). Well, I agree, I love to shop! :D

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Jul 162012

You got extra time in your hands? Want to be entertained? What if the weather outside isn’t letting you out of the house when all you wanted to do is have fun? Well, of course you’d say ‘find something entertaining to do at home!’ Perfect answer indeed. But how? and why don’t we add to that ‘ making money would make it even perfect!’ Hey, who wouldn’t want to be entertained and at the same time get the chance to earn extra bucks right? But wait, cash out winnings without making any deposit.  I say log in online and go direct to casinobonus2.com!

Playing online with the intent to win real money most of the time make people stop and wont even try to pursue playing. Why? Because they fear of losing their money they invest starting the game. But guess what? There are online casinos that offer no deposit bonus, that means a player need not use their money (or deposit real money) to be able to start playing but will do win (withdraw) real cash earned on their winnings. How cool is that!

On this post you will find useful links if you want to know more about casino bonuses and all offers. Go ahead, have fun be entertained by simply checking these links out. Take advantage of all these no deposit casinos. Meet satisfied players online and like them, enjoy playing…and winning! You want your pockets filled with winnings right? Don’t wait any longer, follow the links! :)

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May 112012

Are you hunting for flower arrangements or bouquets for your mom, wife, sisters, grandma of girlfriends? I think I can help you out with that one.

Last year for Christmas, I ordered flower bouquets online to be delivered to my aunt and an friend who both are USA residents. I could have done it by ordering from our local store here in Holland but I figured that would cost me extra. So what I did was browse the internet and found Proflowers. I kid you not if I tell you that both receivers were so happy with my gifts. I was also plesantly surprised when they posted photos of the arrangements on their facebook pages..I was a little bit proud too because I made them smile, love those moments! Only I didn’t know then that proflowers has a facebook page and they give out coupons so that when you order, you get discount.

So Mother’s day is around the corner, log on in to Fb and find proflowers coupons on facebook, use those to send beautiful flowers and save some $ at the same time. Trust me, whoever’s going to receive your flowers will definitely love you more!

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