Mar 212013

I am desperate! Desperate to lose weight!! About 20 kilos of unwanted fat that I slowly but surely collected, no one to blame but me. Help!!

My husband’s been telling me to swim with him in the morning. He swims with a friend 2 or 3 times a week or whenever possible. But I also hear that most mornings water is cold pools are in need of pentair heat pumps but with the recession, pool owners just don’t do enough to warm their pools. So will that make you want to swim? I understand that swimming is a good form of exercise, but cold water?!

I know, I know…I’m just full of excuses. And I know it.

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Mar 152013

In the past, I thought I was always saving money when I use a local internet shop which I had a membership. ‘Was’ I said. After I bought bags, clothes, shoes, branded sunglasses, and etc from the said store, a small voice urged me to browse the internet if their offer of ’70% guaranteed cheaper than other estores” is correct. Lo and behold! I really was glad that I did a bit of browsing because I found out that products this local estore sells can be found a lot cheaper elsewhere! Since my old sunglasses needs to be replaced, I wanted a fendi so I browsed for fendi sunglasses and yup, in this link they’re much offered cheaper! So I went on browsing and checking other estores …to make a long story short…

I cancelled my membership and never again will believe those ‘to good to be true’ promises. If I need to buy something online, patience in browsing is what I need.

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Mar 122013

Twice a week I visit my physiotherapist in the city, to help out solve my hip, back, neck, and shoulders problems. Yeah, that much. I guess my ageing is fast catching up on me. It’s depressing at times because of the pain all these are causing. I am not a fan of painreliever tablets/capsules since I have a weak stomach so that makes it difficult to find a pain reliever that would not add more to my problem.

Anyway, my physiotherapist is teaching me how to condition my mind (I guess to accept that my body needs help) and a few excercises to help ease the pain a bit. One of my most recent problem is this pain on my left hip. I found out that most of it is cause by the bones (on my behind) that seem to be under a lot of stress whn I’m seated, thus one option is to use soft chair pads and making myself aware (this is most important) as how I seat and place my feet flat on the ground. I didn’t know it was that important…for ageing body.


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