Sep 052013

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I own a pug but when I see a beautiful cat, I can’t help but wonder if my jealous pug would be able to accept one in our home?
Two different species with totally different characteristics. Dogs are called ‘man’s best friend’ while cats are ‘man’s boss’. In a way it’s very true. When you enter the door, it doesn’t matter if you’ve been out for a minute or an hour, a dog would always let you feel how happy he is to see you again! With wagging tail and licks, that happy! With cats it’s different. They see you entering the door, they will not even look at you but ‘through’ you…like you’re wind or an entity! They have this aura of arrogance around them that makes you wonder why you keep them, ha ha ha!

Just kidding, I would love to own a cat again perhaps in the future..I think they’re beautiful creatures!

Aug 162013

My husband and I went to the hospital for our shots. I was given Hepatitis A vaccine, and he was too.┬áIt was my first time to get a shot on my shoulder, or rather, my last shot was perhaps 4 decades ago so I was a bit ‘nervous’ as to how it would feel getting it. Oh boy, did I find out how, ouch!!

This was given because we will be traveling to Asia and a good prevention is needed. Didi you know anything about hepa A prevention? If not, do read on..this is from Wikipedia

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention the following people should be vaccinated: all children over one year of age, people whose sexual activity puts them at risk, people with chronic liver disease, people who are being treated with clotting factor concentrates, people working within close proximity to the virus, and people who are living in communities where an outbreak is present. Hepatitis A is the most common vaccine-preventable virus acquired during travel,so people travelling to places where the virus is common like the Indian Subcontinent, Africa, Central America, South America, the far East, and Eastern Europe should also be vaccinated.


if you’d like to read more about it, kindly click this source link. Remember, prevention is better than being sorry in the end.

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Aug 112013

My husband came from a small family. Both his folks have passed on, he has got two surviving uncles (ages 94yrs. old and 86yrs. old) from his father’s side, no contact with his mother’s family side and most of all, no contact with his estranged brother. We are in contact however with his two remaining uncles. The eldest live with his wife (93 yrs. old) and the other uncle, Piet, awaits to move to his smaller room. I want to talk about uncle Piet on this post.

Uncle Piet, as long as I could remember, is a ‘bit strange’. This I would also hear from my late father in law when he was still alive. Strange but a very very sweet man. And my father-in-law was right! I guess the reason for this was because their parents did not really cared for them during their young years, and uncle Piet was never diagnosed as a child with special needs nor got the proper care from anybody. Now at 86 years old, he needs our help more than ever, to go through life enjoying his remaining years.
No he’s not an invalid or anything like that, in fact physically he’s getting better every day because for the past weeks, he has been staying at the hospital’ s unit where senior citizens who no longer can care for themselves are temporarily housed and cared for. You see weeks ago, uncle Piet fell from his house’s stairs that left him unconscious for more than 36 hours that the police had to break his door to get to him.
Anyway, he has never been hospitalized before so in the beginning he was in schock and depressed because of the new environment. He desparately wanted to go home, which he did when he was dispatched but again, he fell from the stairs so for the second time (in less than a week!) the police had to break his door to get to him! Now finally realizing he could no longer go back to his house, he has accepted the doctors’ recommendation that he move to a seniors’ flat where people of his age can enjoy retirement. He is now on a waiting list, we are hoping he gets his room soon. But before that, he is being kept busy in the hospital and just during our last week’s visit, he’s joyfully told us about his first experience playing shuffleboard, and how much he loved it! Uncle Piet never had the chance to play any sport even as a child so this was a great news to hear. He said he’s pretty a natural with shuffleboard that he even beats the old timers’ scores. His eyes actually smile while he was telling us about his ‘victories’. It’s like listening to a happy innocent child. It’s quite heartwarming.

Another game that he has discovered is Bingo! I had to laugh silently because my grandmother loved to play bingo and when she would lose, she’ll stomp her feet like a child and accuse us kids of cheating, ha ha ha! Anyway, uncle Piet was so proud to show me what he won during a bingo game, a head-and-body shampoo! Again his eyes were twinkling with pride while telling us about how fun it is to play bingo and that it also has become a favorite game of his. My husband and I were thinking of giving him an old desktop because he’s got a free internet connection where he is right now (and I’m sure he’ll use it!) so perhaps he can even play online, anytime he would want to! Come to think of it, I am excited to tell him about the desktop :)


Photo taken with iPhone 4s

Uncle Peit is also an artist, a good painter at that. What you see here is his reproduction of this still life. Unfortunately he couldn’t remember where he had seen the original nor photo that he’s copied it from. Like his brother (my late father-in-law) uncle Piet is an amazing oil artist. He used pencil too to create some awesome art work!

This is the latest news about our small family. There’s too few of us in this family to create any noise, really. :)

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