Apr 082013


I got way too many unprocessed, untouched photos both in my laptop and iPhone that I seriously am running out space! Throw them away? No, I don’t and I can’t, unless they’re pretty crappy! I just need to have the time to work on them for posting.

Like this one, shot with iphone4s only. I’m pretty impressed how it turned out. Much better than the shots I made with my Canon5dm2 that crazy cold night in Rotterdam many weeks ago.

Sometimes I wonder why I still carry my bulky dslr when iPhonecam could give what I wanted. Oh wait, not totally…..I still prefer using my dslr bodies for more serious photography :)

Feb 142013

Last night my husband and I celebrated Valentine’s day in advance with a nice dinner in a Chinese restaurant located in Rotterdam. It was busy in the restaurant so I was really surprised at the quality of the food! Usually when it’s busy it does go down ( in my experience ) but last night was perfect. So prefect we both had waaaayyy too much to eat and bloated ( and gassy too he he he ) from the food intake!

We capped the night by going to a nearby Chinese Lights exhibition where I really enjoyed the lights display. Sadly it wasn’t my husband’s the cup-of-tea but he was the one who brought me there so that I can enjoy taking photos. And took photos I did! I both had my Canon5DM2 and my iPhone4s with me and to tell you honestly, I couldn’t understand why I brought the larger camera with me when my iPhone4s gave me such awesome photos! Well, if I may say so, that is.


Jan 252013

They landed last night in Holland

Gone are the days of my boring photos! I mean, because of many apps that are available for iPhone/ipad I am able to ‘play’ and give my photos other stories than just what they originally came out after shooting.

Just like this one, using my iPhone I shot one part of the park near our home. Does this one looks like a park still?