Sep 052013

This post is a shout out, or I should say, a call out to all my friends musicians out there! I will be having a small ‘sale’ of my music gadgets that I no longer use. Up for grabs are: two professional microphones, roland midi player/programmer, maracas, 2 speakers (for the brand message or email me) and a mixer with effects, just like those cool behringer mixers that are available in the market.
I really would like to ‘almost’ give them away, so yes, for low prices. Because I no longer use them, might as well let others put them into good use. All of mentioned above in good status so let me hear from you, yes?

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Sep 052013

Being an ex musician, I can’t help but sometimes miss the ‘excitement’ of being up on stage, on being in front of the spotlight! I just can’t believe that it’s been 14 years since I retire from my music band. I guess what I miss the traveling, hotel life (living) and the free international food provided by the hotels..the latter I miss the most ha ha! Can you tell I’m a foodie? *grin*

Luckily I still have contact with my former colleagues, thanks to facebook for that. And whenever we have news to share, it’s pretty easy to do it now. Like a friend is in search for a drum set so I think I’ll tell him about this link new yamaha electric drum set at musician’s friend he might get a good deal on this website. I don’t mind doing the research for them, because they share their newest programs (music) with me. Good deal indeed! (^-^)

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Sep 022013

It is September already and oi! the temperature is slowly dropping. Where did summer go?!?
We still haven’t enjoyed doing much barbeq’ing yet and we’re facing another Autumn this soon already..*sigh* I have not even enjoyed dipping my feet in the sea yet  and yet the leaves are turning into yellow and brown that they start to fall? I was in the backyard under our pear tree when I noticed the leaves on the ground and yeah, it made me a bit sad because I still have plans that haven’t materialized yet for this summer.

But you know what I miss the most during the cold months, when I can no longer enjoy the warmth of summer? It’s our bath tub that we had removed from our bathroom during the house renovation. My husband wasn’t into it but I am! I just followed his direction to let it be replaced by a shower instead. The comfort of soaking in water especially in those jacuzzi tubs with soothing bubbles..ahhh exactly what my muscles needed! I certainly would appreciate the massage those wonderful bubbles give to my aching muscles especially when tempereture has dropped.

Hmmm, perhaps when we do another renovation in the future, I can inject a proposal of placing a tub again, this time a jacuzzi tub. What do you think? *wink*

Well anyway, here’s a big cheer to September as life is too short to worry about the dropping temperature nor tubs right now. Live and enjoy!

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