Sep 102008

Now that Thai MP Samak Sundaravej was sacked, my question is – has the opposition and demonstrators won?
The Constitution Court yesterday afternoon disqualified Mr. Samak from the job of prime minister for violating the constitution by hosting two cooking shows on commercial television. Those in position aren’t allowed to monetary earned by doing public commercials. * How I wish Holland has such law to get rid of all its useless cabinet members, hah!*
Anyway, Mr. Samak’s coalition, PPP (People Power Party) which occupies majority of the cabinet, vows to support him and vote for him this coming Friday when they choose a new prime minister. Mr. Samak is not forbidden to run again for office.
I guess once you tasted power, money, power and money- it’s hard to just walk away and quit while you’re ahead, ha? And even though you’re being in power means losing millions of baht everyday for your country, it’s hard to offer yourself as a ‘sacrifice’. Youĺl stay because you believe you deserve to be in the position, you believe you do your country good.
Ah, power. Source of both good and evil.

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Sep 072008

On our way back to our hotel after having dinner, my husband and I saw the male-girl performers on the street enticing patrons to watch their show tonight. We’re already tired but if not, we would have seen their show – a cabaret show featuring Thailand’s transvestites and transgenders. So I just told the ladies that we will see them tomorrow night instead. But before we can leave, one of them, which I guess was the leader since his (or her) face dominates the pamphlet cover, said to me that I should take their picture. I had my camera strapped on my neck thus photographing them wasn’t difficult. Only when we were about to walk away, the ‘ladies’ prevented us unless we give them tip for the pictures. I asked why do we have to give them money? “Make up to make them look beautiful is expensive and also their gowns are expensive.” I wanted to throw a punch but okay, I also wanted to take some pictures, so I said I will take more pictures since I will pay them. And gamely they posed for me again. Only the leader gave me more than she bargains for.

Her top came off and well, let ‘s just say that I can ‘t post those pictures here since my blog is for general reading.

Now I know how “they look like” after they were ‘reconstructed’. Well worth the tip. :hihi:

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Sep 072008

Days ago when husband and I were in Bangkok, we decided to go to Central World Mall or formerly known as World Trade Center. The complex is so huge (well, a bit smaller than our Mall of Asia in the Philippines) you really need to sit and relax your heels from walking or shopping. Too many stores you’d want to see them all. High end to diamond shops, electronics, home decors, restaurants,…just too many to mention.

Anyway, I was looking at this scene while relaxing outside the complex.


I was told that these young people were praying to their god for Love. Though such scene wasn’t really new to me since I spent years living in this country in the past, only now that I come to admire how and where they do their petitions. Small temples such as this is scattered around Bangkok that you see the locals simply drop to their knees stripped of inhibitions, not minding the entire world and start to pray.


I wonder what her petition was? For a stronger relationship? Want an old boyfriend back?

Whatever it was, I hope all her/their prayers and wishes come true. :heart:

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