Sep 052013

20130905-124102.jpgShot with iPhone4s

I own a pug but when I see a beautiful cat, I can’t help but wonder if my jealous pug would be able to accept one in our home?
Two different species with totally different characteristics. Dogs are called ‘man’s best friend’ while cats are ‘man’s boss’. In a way it’s very true. When you enter the door, it doesn’t matter if you’ve been out for a minute or an hour, a dog would always let you feel how happy he is to see you again! With wagging tail and licks, that happy! With cats it’s different. They see you entering the door, they will not even look at you but ‘through’ you…like you’re wind or an entity! They have this aura of arrogance around them that makes you wonder why you keep them, ha ha ha!

Just kidding, I would love to own a cat again perhaps in the future..I think they’re beautiful creatures!

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