Jul 132015

Charlie has turned 11 years old on June 10 this year. Yes, he is 11 years old!

Of course there are changes that is happening to my little baby. He now has arthritis on his front legs, sleeps a lot, sometimes seems like he has difficulty hearing sounds, but one thing that hasn’t changed is his love for me and my husband. I feel like he is more attached to us than ever before.

Charlie doing his favorite pasttime….napping next to a toy (^0^)

He als had 2 operations this year: first was to open up his nasal cavity thus holes were made bigger so he can breath much easier and second, his throat was √≥pened’ a bit too to help him breath. The first 3 days after his operation was tough on him but luckily at his age, he is still in good form and recovered quite well.

I’ll try my best to post on a regular basis from here on….I missed blgging.

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