Apr 062010

I was quiet the past days because of the Holy week plus I am busy preparing for an upcoming exams (can’t say what for in order not to jinx it :P) that I’ve limited my internet activity. My exams are coming up in few weeks time but I hope I’ll be able to update if not regularly, at least not once/month :D

My small family had a quiet holy week…I placed an easter egg bouquet (I bought dry plant stems and decorated then with colored eggs for Charlie, my pug) which Charlie didn’t even bother to check, &%$#@! ha ha! So I had to remove it after 3 days…a day before easter-day- hunt! Why? It was so dry my allergy acted up..poor flat nose of mine.

Anyhow, just want to share a photo I’ve taken while walking with Charlie one afternoon. This is just a few minutes away fromĀ  my home.

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