Dec 212014


Each year we would buy Christmas center pieces. Except for this year, we did not. Instead I opted to do it myself and I couldn’t believe why I had not thought of that the past 15 years?!?

I’m quite pleased with the outcome, and much happier that my husband is also pleased. I have luckily 2 beautiful vases and I did both. This is the one placed at the center table in our living room, with a red and gold motif. The other was was with silver and rustic motif, which I gave to my husband’s uncle who is living in a homecare. He too was very pleased with his piece. I actually liked the one I gave him more than ours’ , Lol!

I think I’ll just make them myself each year, not only that I can do any design that I want but it’s also cheaper than store bought. AND I enjoyed making it!

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