Jun 032010

My laptop’s back from repair, yes!!

The reason it was quiet around here the past few days was because my laptop was in the repair shop. It’s a 3 year-old Acer which is on during my waking hours. It’s accumulated too much dust and that caused the machine to over heat which lead to, without warning, the screen suddenly turned pitched black after turning it on for a few seconds. I thought my files loaded with photos and softwares are gonners. But thanks to the repair guy vacuuming the dust, my baby is back!

To ‘celebrate’ it’s home coming *wink* I am posting here this favorite ( of mine) shot I took weeks ago when we were in Belgium. I saw these wooden birds in a small alley. I wasn’t sure if they were meant as display or toy. Nevertheless I liked the ‘classic’ material used , so I thought I will render the photo as classic too.

What’ dya think?

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