Jun 142010

As an Asian living in Holland, I can say that you have to be lucky to see the sun! I am so used to having the sun almost whole year round in Asia that when I migrated here, that’s one of the thing that I immediately missed the most. Sun and its warmth.

It’s the beginning of summer here and yet our temperature isn’t that warm. If ever we get a warm temperature, it would fall just before the evening. Ah…why can’t there be a balance I ask myself constantly? I hear from my family and friends how HOT it is right now in Asia and here I am longing for their weather!If only I can send their way some cold temperature and they send me high C, that would be perfect :)

There’s a reason for all these. The Creator knows what’s He’s doing. He knows what we need.

So I thank Him for letting me experience His graciousness. Cold or warm.  :)

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