Apr 162012

I am tremendously enjoying using my ipad for editing lots of my photos. So much that I hardly use my Adobe Photoshop!
I am pretty surprised at the quaility of photo editors that I purchased on iTunes, to be honest. Most are straight forward, no need to attend any photoshop seminars just to learn editing. Perhaps some will disagree with me but that’s my opinion.

I believe in the beauty of untouched photos. I STILL DO. That’s why for years since I had my dslr, I would only use editors to resize my photos or if it needs a bit of clarity, then that’s what I’d do. But time’s a-changing and I have this hunger to learn and try out new things. What’s more, with the birth of instagr.am , which I have been using for more than a year now, I discovered that I need not be serious about photos and have fun …meaning I can even play around and edit photos like children do, lol!

Such as this photo, taken with iPhone4s. I went overboard on exposure and coloring it like cookiesncream :D

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