Jan 242012

Three of my five Frankie Stein dolls.

Isn’t she lovely? (*^0^*) Even my almost 60 years old aunt is slowly falling in love with these dolls! I now have 29 in my collection, thanks to my aunt and friend living in the United States for taking care of the packaging and sending them to me back here in Holland. Yes, some toys stores sell them here but not the complete cast. And most I find are jacked up in price. Well, they do have to ‘translate’ the boxes into the local language because they are manufactured in China (Mattel) , so that explains why they’re pretty expensive around here thus I ask my aunt and fiend to buy them for me instead.

But sometimes I just couldn’t wait that long for the new ones arrivals. Like right now, I am itching to order them online eventhough price are doubled. *Breath in- breath out* ┬áThink twice before hitting that ‘enter’ key.

Gah! I must resist! :D

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