Aug 162013

My husband and I went to the hospital for our shots. I was given Hepatitis A vaccine, and he was too.┬áIt was my first time to get a shot on my shoulder, or rather, my last shot was perhaps 4 decades ago so I was a bit ‘nervous’ as to how it would feel getting it. Oh boy, did I find out how, ouch!!

This was given because we will be traveling to Asia and a good prevention is needed. Didi you know anything about hepa A prevention? If not, do read on..this is from Wikipedia

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention the following people should be vaccinated: all children over one year of age, people whose sexual activity puts them at risk, people with chronic liver disease, people who are being treated with clotting factor concentrates, people working within close proximity to the virus, and people who are living in communities where an outbreak is present. Hepatitis A is the most common vaccine-preventable virus acquired during travel,so people travelling to places where the virus is common like the Indian Subcontinent, Africa, Central America, South America, the far East, and Eastern Europe should also be vaccinated.


if you’d like to read more about it, kindly click this source link. Remember, prevention is better than being sorry in the end.

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