Nov 172011

Here in Netherlands, I have a very very small family. A family of three. Four if I count the dog. My husband, his uncle and I…and the dog. Months before there were 4 of us. Only my father-in-law has passed away in May 2011. My husband’s uncle doesn’t live with us, he’s got his own house in the city while we live just outside.

So we never experienced big family gatherings around here. No big parties, no big family dinners, no big birthday celebrations, not even loud voices can be heard while counting the seconds when new year is about to enter. I guess I miss these. I came from a big family but they’re all living in another continent. There we constantly have something to celebrate that often leads to family gatherings.

I love organizing gatherings. I know I’m good at it. Imagine if we have a big family here, I’m sure to keep them all up on their feet by doing something special each time. I love to cook and entertain. I wouldn’t mind wearing my best dress every now and then for formal occassion (which the last one was my wedding almost 12 years ago! *sad* ) Imagine me sending out some Rehearsal Dinner Invitations to family members? Planning my menu, even printing them out to be placed on a well decorated dinner table?

I suddenly miss my family ….*sigh*

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