Jul 162012

Mama lioness showing her cub some loving.

Typical Dutch Weather. When you are not from Holland and you hear a local Dutch mentioning ‘typical Ducth weather’, it means unpredictable weather. One minute the sun is shining the next moment hard rain pouring down your head, cold too like the sun was not even there minutes before!

That exactly was the weather yesterday we had when my aunt and I visited the zoo in Rotterdam, Blijdorp. My aunt had two small cameras hanging on her neck while I with my big dslr with a telezoom dangling on mine when we braved the rains and hard wind. It wasn’t fun the first hour being there in the zoo with all the gadgets we were trying to protect from the rains, but then the sun showed up and we had a dry and sunny skies the next hours. Only it was also cold. To make a long story short, because of yesterday’s crazy weather I am now nursing colds and coughs. Nose running so fast I couldn’t ‘catch up’, darn!

But I’ve no regrets you know. It’s been 13 years since I last visited the zoo and yesterday was extra fun because I did it with my aunt who is only visiting from the United States. She too had the time of her life and enjoyed photographing animals. Her last visit to a zoo was almost 3 decades ago!

Anyway, above was one of the sweetest moment I’ve witnessed yesterday.

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