Nov 202011

When I was (perhaps) 10 years younger, I never had any problems regarding moving around, doing things that I wanted to do. Wearing high heeled shoes was never a problem. Walking distances was never a problem. Running on a threadmill was one of my favorite to do in the gym. I have also lifted weights, did bench press up to 50 kgs. I was really a gym rat. But now, cold wind blowing on my neck gives me pain for days. Back and hip pains are my constant companions.

Even using bath such as claw foot tubs make me nervous. Nervous because I’m worried that I might slip when stepping in. I used to love taking bubblebaths but because of this, we had our tub removed when we had a bathroom renovation. :/

Ah, growing old…it’s becoming a little bit tough. Why can’t I be like those fearless children on snowslopes? Why can I no longer just do things without worrying too much.


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