Jan 172011

I took this photo just few minutes ago. I thought I’d show to curious friends (hello curious friends! :D) who are following my post over at Facebook about….

Once upon a time, there was this bird that got a little bit confused and did not see that he was about to fly against a window.

‘Thug!’ heard the human, pretty human *ehem* who was busy playing farmville but suddenly had to stop to see what was going on, where the hard sound was coming from. The pretty human saw this on her window! ‘Oh no, anotherĀ  poor bird flew against the window! the pretty human utter to herself …and theĀ  following thought was ‘oh no, a bird dirtied the just cleaned window:D

But the pretty human was relieved to see the bird, although shaken, flew away.

*I’m not an expert when it comes to birds so I don’t know how it’s called..but a few sort of birds have made our pear tree their temporary home this winter, one of them was with blueish green color.

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  3 Responses to “Never clean your windows, for birds' sake!”

  1. hahaha hello! curious friend here ;)

    thanks for posting it hahah sana green din ung feather na naiwan?

  2. I was thinking the same! D kaya may bitbit sya sa beak ng yan ang kulay? Wala akong photo ng bird, sayang

  3. perhaps the bird needs eyeglasses? hehehe. hi thess, it’ so nice to be able to bloghop again!

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