May 112012

Summer is just around the corner, at last!

Hmm, how I wanted to shout that out! Perhaps I’m a bit sarcastic because it’s supposed to be Spring here in Holland, but still we are wearing our winter clothes! Yes, that’s how low the temperature is right here. So it’s a wonder if ever summer will come.

I wanted to shop for new swimsuits (larger size than last years, bhu hu hu!) and also browsing for some self-tanning lotion over at fake bake..yeah you read it right, it’s fake bake ha ha! And no they do not sell cakes or breads there. :P But if you think about it, the website’s title makes sense, right? You’lll get beautiful tan without actually going under the sun. And at the rate this weather of us is going, I think self-tanning will be the only way to get some colors on me this year.

Bhu hu hu! :D

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