Jul 132015

Charlie has turned 11 years old on June 10 this year. Yes, he is 11 years old!

Of course there are changes that is happening to my little baby. He now has arthritis on his front legs, sleeps a lot, sometimes seems like he has difficulty hearing sounds, but one thing that hasn’t changed is his love for me and my husband. I feel like he is more attached to us than ever before.

Charlie doing his favorite pasttime….napping next to a toy (^0^)

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Dec 212014


Each year we would buy Christmas center pieces. Except for this year, we did not. Instead I opted to do it myself and I couldn’t believe why I had not thought of that the past 15 years?!?

I’m quite pleased with the outcome, and much happier that my husband is also pleased. I have luckily 2 beautiful vases and I did both. This is the one placed at the center table in our living room, with a red and gold motif. The other was was with silver and rustic motif, which I gave to my husband’s uncle who is living in a homecare. He too was very pleased with his piece. I actually liked the one I gave him more than ours’ , Lol!

I think I’ll just make them myself each year, not only that I can do any design that I want but it’s also cheaper than store bought. AND I enjoyed making it!