Jan 312010

A quick shot I took of one of the pillars in St. Peter’s Basilica in Vatican City. It was the dove that caught my attention. I found it beautifully done. To be honest the number of Saints and images in the church’s interior that I saw that day was too much that after shooting 1 or 2 I lost  interest to shoot the rest. That was probably the reason why I even forgot to shoot Michael Angelo’s Pieta. I don’t know why, but that always happen when I’m shooting church interior. Probably because I’m not a fan of statues.

So it was ‘refreshing’ to see this dove. Impressive pillar, isn’t it?

  2 Responses to “Pillar (St. Peter's Basilica)”

  1. How beautiful and so well capture in all it’s details – thanks for sharing!

  2. Hey Thess! Too bad you failed to get a photo of the Pieta. It is nice but not as huge as what I had imagined. I must agree, though, that after seeing so much statues, you eventually start losing interest in them.

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