Jul 262013

Yesterday I downloaded an app which was offered free for a limited time and boy, I didn’t know I’ll be immediately addicted to it!
No, it’s not a game app nor photography app, which I usually download but an ART app. Art app where you can watch your trees grow by themselves, or you can make them yourself. Colors of background, leaves, flowers, and just about everything can be adapted to your taste. I really like this app!

So what do you think of this?


May 032012

I have always liked edited photos, you know those ones that are colorful and look like straight out of children’s book. I always been a straigthforward photographer. I’ve only used my editing tools to crop photos or it they need a bit of brightness…but never heavily edited any.

Not until I discovered apps. And how fun it is editing photos on my iPad2! I often use my iPhone4s now and just use the iPad2 for editing, much easier on the bigger screen.

And since I also discovered that instagr.am is where I can showcase these kind of editing, I think I’ll be doing more editing in the future :) Only instagr.am service has gone down to the drain eversince it’s was bought by FB guy. Yeah him. A lot of great photographers have left the service and if you happen to use the service you’ll know what I’m talking about. Have you seen its ‘Popular Page’? All you’ll see are ugly faces, manicured nails, butts, and all those horrible photos which FB is more known of.

It has become another facebook. :/