Mar 202012

For years I was trying to find my ‘style’ in photography. I knew that I love doing macro photography. It poses challenges, many challenges, than any other ‘style’. Oopps, photographers who read this, that’s just my opinion, all right? :D:P Well anyway, as I was saying…I think I might be on the track where my photography style should be going. It’s causing me eyestrain even before finishing doing it (almost everyday now) per session but I am liking my results.

I love doing photography under low lights. Sometimes almost none at all in a dim room. Quite challenging. Getting nice results makes it worthwhile though, and that makes me happy :)

Jun 142010

As an Asian living in Holland, I can say that you have to be lucky to see the sun! I am so used to having the sun almost whole year round in Asia that when I migrated here, that’s one of the thing that I immediately missed the most. Sun and its warmth.

It’s the beginning of summer here and yet our temperature isn’t that warm. If ever we get a warm temperature, it would fall just before the evening. Ah…why can’t there be a balance I ask myself constantly? I hear from my family and friends how HOT it is right now in Asia and here I am longing for their weather!If only I can send their way some cold temperature and they send me high C, that would be perfect :)

There’s a reason for all these. The Creator knows what’s He’s doing. He knows what we need.

So I thank Him for letting me experience His graciousness. Cold or warm.  :)

Jun 032010

My laptop’s back from repair, yes!!

The reason it was quiet around here the past few days was because my laptop was in the repair shop. It’s a 3 year-old Acer which is on during my waking hours. It’s accumulated too much dust and that caused the machine to over heat which lead to, without warning, the screen suddenly turned pitched black after turning it on for a few seconds. I thought my files loaded with photos and softwares are gonners. But thanks to the repair guy vacuuming the dust, my baby is back!

To ‘celebrate’ it’s home coming *wink* I am posting here this favorite ( of mine) shot I took weeks ago when we were in Belgium. I saw these wooden birds in a small alley. I wasn’t sure if they were meant as display or toy. Nevertheless I liked the ‘classic’ material used , so I thought I will render the photo as classic too.

What’ dya think?