Mar 262010

These are not bubbles. These are water droplets.

I had fun composing the idea I had in my head for this shot. It (shooting) was intended for the Litratong Pinoy challenge yesterday. I shot about 20 frames, used both RAW and JPG. Good thing both modes yielded a few good results.

This was only my second time to compose such and I must be honest, it’s pretty difficult to do! My back was really hurting since I had to drop water meticulously , they can’t be too near each other otherwise they will suck each other which would result to too big drops.

If you want to see the other shot, simply click this. I promise you, that shot is from the same composition but different result.

Jan 132010

Not only I, an Asian living in Holland, is wishing for this winter to leave but the Europeans themselves think they had just enough of this chilly weather! For more than 3 weeks now, it’s been snowing almost everyday paired with freezing temperature. A combination that is pretty ‘lethal’ for these poor ducks. Food is just scarce.
I know it’s silly but I can’t help but daydream being in Asia or anywhere sunny right now. Or somewhere not snowing!
Thailand? Singapore? Malaysia? or Brazil? Mexico? Ah it doesn’t matter where as long as it’s not freezing cold! A friend is flying abroad next week to escape this weather (and oh well to celebrate her birthday too) if only I can fly with her, right now I will choose from playa del carmen hotels and book, right now I’ll fly!

Dec 212009

must be heavy

When I went out this morning I was excited. Because it’s so white outside! Netherlands has been experiencing snow the past few days and it’s actually annusual the amount we’re getting right now. We live in the part where 2cm snowfall is the norm. But this year we’re getting 20cm! And in some parts of the country people are reporting to having up to 60cm deep snow!

Netherlands, Germany, France and Belgium have suspended flights due to the heavy snow. People are advised to remain home and not drive unless it’s necessary. I had to beg my husband to cancel his tomorrow’s appointment because I knew this weather is here to stay for a while. I’m glad he listened because normally he’ll turn a deaf earĀ  especially if it concerns work, that’s how serious he is when it comes to appointments, by hook or by crook he’ll go.

Anyhow, it has stopped snowing for half a day now but tonight it will begin again and it’s predicted that we’ll get a white Christmas this year!