May 272017
Fresh from our backyard!

Fresh from our backyard!

What I enjoy the most when my peony plants bear blooms….fragrant peonies!!

Our little backyard needs a lot of work, which we hopefully can afford and finish this year. With all the ‘ugliness’ in the backyard, my peonies have provided blooms which I excitedly picked to place in various vases and placed them in 3 rooms.

We do smell womderful everywhere , omg!

Oct 162013


A lone lily at the hotel’s garden . The bees sure were beesssyyyy!

Time to do some updating now that I’m back from my Thailand vacation.

I’m not actually thrilled to be back home *sigh*

This wet, cold, gray autumn is depressing me, really.

If only I could pack my suitcase and fly back to Asia right now, I’d do it in a hearbeat!