Nov 222012


I am almost done customizing JADE, my Blythe Emerald. I am so in love with this dolly, I think it’s because of her emerald hair which is a unique color!

Her scalp is still unattached to her head in this photo, and still is. I am not done boggling her eyes yet and giving her her 3rd eyechips set.  Here’s what I’ve done for JADE:


Opening of head carefully, scalp removal.
Sand-matted her face.
Lips curved.
Gaze corrected.
Nose given holes.
Curved philtrum.
Sightly opened her eyes socket.
New eyelashes.
2 New set of eyeschips by coolcat. I both love the 2 sets!
Airbrushed eyelid with deep green as base and with gold combination as coating.
Sleepy eyes.
2 Classic pullrings.
Made her a pair of earrings.
Sealed her face by airbrushing it with a special matte varnish (German made).

I have tried using Mr. Super Clear UV CUT FLAT but I DID NOT LIKED IT! It has a very sticky finish causing dirt to easily stick to the doll’s face. So I had to resand her face and airbrushed it with the special matte varnish that I normally use.

Aug 032012

“It wasn’t me who ate the cookie but the PUG!”

Isn’t that face cute?! This morning I and my pug went to the park, met a friend of mine there too. When suddenly a lady came by to join us where we were playing. Together with the lady were four dogs. And this was one of them.

I just took a few quick shots of the dogs and this is what I posted first on my instagram account (@tsneep).

Jul 252012

Exactly 9 days ago when I first laid eyes on this Polar bear at Blijdorp zoo, here in Holland. My aunt and I visited that day and we passed by his enclosure just at the time he was about to be fed that was why he was out the water. We were among the few who stood there and because of that I was able to get some good almost close-up shots.

I had  mixed feelings seeing the bear there. I think the animal should be roaming free in its natural habitat.

What do you think?