Feb 032012

* a silver gull diving for bread *

I must admit that I do not really like icy cold wind temperature during winter but I must also admit that I always wait for the snow to fall. And I’ve waited since December  of last year for it, and finally happen just 2 days ago.

Since photography is one of my hobbies, I find it wonderful to shoot outside when everything is blanketed by white.  But do you know what else excites me to shoot (with my camrea, ahem?)  Birds.

Most of them are migratory. Like this Silver Gull or Red-Beeked Gull. These birds have great hunger during winter so I always bring breads with me for feed.

In return they do provide me with marvelous opportunities such as this!

Sep 272011

Have I already mentioned that there is a new addition to my photography gear family?

My husband surprised me with this one! I wasn’t expecting he’d shell out this much for my hobby but he did. I am so grateful for his generous heart. As always, if he feels I wanted something, he’d give it to me unconditionally. I sometimes asks him what I’ve done to deserve him?

Anyway, I am still testing my new baby, this shot was taken using that ( Canon 70mm-300mm L IS USM )

love love love it!

Sep 262011

Badly needed. 3 Years without play but all work. Finally happening yes!

I’m just talking about this badly needed vacation. On our 4th day in Thailand and loving the warmth of the sun, good food and relaxation by pratically doing nothing but lounging  the whole day by the pool, heaven!

MY husband, who had not vacationed the past 3 years is finally getting it….I’m just so happy that he’s sleeping well, not thinking of his work (checked for the first time his email today …normally he’s thinking of  his business when on vacation, but not on this one) and teaching me how to swim, lol!

Well, I’d really like to chat longer but  have a crappy internet connection so I’ll be keeping it short.

* testing my new L lens on my husband’s feet :P *