May 232011

I was never a fan of ‘old’ things when I was younger. I used to think that old things aren’t worth collecting or using. How my thinking has changed since I migrated to Europe. Everywhere around me is just ‘historic’. Just like this street lamp which is still in used. -/+ 120 years old. People in the past used gas to burn it.


Now, street lamps such as this are turned on automatically every night. And out in the mornings. The difference?

Just the bulb inside, the rest…just like the way it was decades ago.

Isn’t it wonderful how Europeans preserve the past?

May 142011


I have always wondered why these male ducks are more ‘attractive’ than the female ones.¬† Females are often white matched with brown color, which I find too ordinary (sorry¬† sisters) while males have this distinct glimmering violet sometimes blue heads. Wings are also darker and most of them have almost orange to golden tint at the side of their bodies.

They just need to be attractive so that the females will find them interesting?

Perhaps. Because nobody wants an ugly partner. Even animals?

What do you think?


Apr 152011

Guess who sits regularly on our “welcome to our home doormats” by the door? Whenever he sees me taking the keys, he would assume that I would open the back door leading to our small garden and of course I don’t always do that but he’d make sure that I would! He’d give me this piercing look, he’s just so good at it.
BUT! If I let him out, I have to join him outside too! He just demands that!
Of course I always give in to him. Because I love him and I like him having a good time outdoors doing what he likes to do most. Play.

Only I end up with undone household chores at times.

But I really don’t mind. I like being outside just like he does.