Jul 132015

Charlie has turned 11 years old on June 10 this year. Yes, he is 11 years old!

Of course there are changes that is happening to my little baby. He now has arthritis on his front legs, sleeps a lot, sometimes seems like he has difficulty hearing sounds, but one thing that hasn’t changed is his love for me and my husband. I feel like he is more attached to us than ever before.

Charlie doing his favorite pasttime….napping next to a toy (^0^)

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Oct 092012

Our pug Charlie is now 8.5 years old. Still very much the center of our universe! Because there are many ‘experts’ around giving their advices, we actually do not know who to believe. One is saying that it’s better to get Charlie a companion while he still can play and enjoy , while another expert would say it will be unfair to get him a companion because he’ll be jealous and might end retreating.

Hmm..if only it’s easy to have a second dog, I’d get one immediately for Charlie. I’ll be crefully choosing one that would be best suited for his character and age. I know my own dogso I no √©xpert’ would tell me how to do things. I do listen to advices but I also listen to how Charlie would feel since it’s the most important thing.

Is it a french bulldog then that Charlie needs? Or is it just for me because I also like this breed?

Charlie will decide, not me.