Jul 062012

These are just a quick shots I took of Charlie with my DAL doll. Aren’t they cute together? Lol!

Good thing about Charlie is that he will not touch what isn’t his. He certainly has respect for our things in the house that he does not even dare go near them. That’s the reason why we can also leave him alone at home and confident that each time we come home, nothing’s been destroyed. Each time we would find him where we left him…in his bed. He’d stay there the whole time we’re out! But that’s only for few hours to do chores…max 4 hours.

Proud of you, Charlie! <3

Nov 202011

Took a few dolls the other day from their display cabinet and had a ‘photoshoot’ with them. One lucky doll that was chosen was this one…

I think she’s pretty cute! I love that heart on her left cheek. Would have been cuter without the fangs but that would UNmonster her, right? ;)
Age: 1,599 (I can’t wait for my sweet 1600th)

Monster Parent: Count Dracula

Killer Style: I love to splash my black outfits with some cheery pink and I even carry a frilly umbrella so I can take an occasional walk in the sun.

Freaky Flaw: Since I can’t see my reflection in a mirror, I have to leave the house not knowing if my clothes and makeup are just right.Of course after 1,500 years of practice I’ve gotten pretty good at it.

Pet: Count Fabulous is my BFF (Bat Friend Forever), he’s a very proud and proper bat but I just can’t help but dressing him in the cutest little outfits.

Favorite Activity: I love smiling, laughing, and encouraging my friends.

Biggest Pet Peeve: The lack of vegetarian selections in the Monster High creepateria is so sad.

Favorite School Subject: Creative Writing. It gives me a chance to write sweet stories about my friends.

Least Favorite School Subject: Ge-ogre-phy. After 1,599 years I’ve been everywhere. . . Twice.

Favorite Color: Pink

Favorite Food: I’m a vegetarian, no icky blood for me, so it’s fruits, vegetables and a lot of iron supplements.

BFF’s: Frankie Stein and Clawdeen Wolf