Jul 272013


At last! The past days we have been experiencing Summer and oh, what a delight!!

We have missed the warmth of the sun from this side of the planet! Of course people can never be satisfied so around me I would hear ‘this temperature is too hot, blah blah blah’ just as during winter people are complaining about the cold. Oh well, I am just enjoying this summer temperature because this will not last long. Besides, there are many of those who have real problems and I will certainly not complain our temperature, warm or cold. Hang on did I just say that? I was complaining a lot about winter on my past posts, haven’t I? Well, I complained that it was dragging on for too long, that’s another thing, right?

Anyway, here’s one example of Nature’s beauty during this season. Animals in the wild. I can look at them for hours and not get bored. Animals fascinate me. They’re such beautiful creatures. Devoid of any evil that men have.

Jan 132010

Not only I, an Asian living in Holland, is wishing for this winter to leave but the Europeans themselves think they had just enough of this chilly weather! For more than 3 weeks now, it’s been snowing almost everyday paired with freezing temperature. A combination that is pretty ‘lethal’ for these poor ducks. Food is just scarce.
I know it’s silly but I can’t help but daydream being in Asia or anywhere sunny right now. Or somewhere not snowing!
Thailand? Singapore? Malaysia? or Brazil? Mexico? Ah it doesn’t matter where as long as it’s not freezing cold! A friend is flying abroad next week to escape this weather (and oh well to celebrate her birthday too) if only I can fly with her, right now I will choose from playa del carmen hotels and book, right now I’ll fly!