May 252017
Dordrecht Biesbosch

Dordrecht Biesbosch

What a perfect day we’re having today!

Holland is quite a gray, cold, and wet country (that’s how the Asian in me would perfectly describe my adopted country’s weather.) So when the sun shines, I am just like an ant that bores a hole to come up the ground and enjoy the sun!

This was one of the few photos I took during biking earlier. Wonderful view, isn’t it?

Jul 252012

Exactly 9 days ago when I first laid eyes on this Polar bear at Blijdorp zoo, here in Holland. My aunt and I visited that day and we passed by his enclosure just at the time he was about to be fed that was why he was out the water. We were among the few who stood there and because of that I was able to get some good almost close-up shots.

I had  mixed feelings seeing the bear there. I think the animal should be roaming free in its natural habitat.

What do you think?

Feb 032012

* a silver gull diving for bread *

I must admit that I do not really like icy cold wind temperature during winter but I must also admit that I always wait for the snow to fall. And I’ve waited since December  of last year for it, and finally happen just 2 days ago.

Since photography is one of my hobbies, I find it wonderful to shoot outside when everything is blanketed by white.  But do you know what else excites me to shoot (with my camrea, ahem?)  Birds.

Most of them are migratory. Like this Silver Gull or Red-Beeked Gull. These birds have great hunger during winter so I always bring breads with me for feed.

In return they do provide me with marvelous opportunities such as this!