Mar 122013



Now that I’m older, and I believe wiser (even just a bit) I have found a new respect for old couples. With such high divorce rate in many countries these days, I marvel at them old couples I see walking down the streets still holding hands, giving kisses on the cheeks….really gives me that feeling of admiration for them, for withstanding life and all that it throws at them!

So to you young people who might be reading this, there is a reason why they say: “old people are wiser, their experiences in life made them wiser” … show respect, I say to you, youngsters. And I hope you be able to reach the ripe old age someday.

May 112012

Lately I have been in the mood again to photograph my Monster High dolls collection, yeah! It’s been a while since I last let anyone out of their glass cabinet, lol! Well anyways, since iPhone4s is so easy to use, I love its camera lens clarity, wide lens, and easy uploads, not to forget to mention, it’s way much easier for me not to edit any photos since many apple apps are ‘self explanatory’ than adobe photoshop with all those icons I would never understand :P

Spectra was one of the first batch I ever bought (last year, that is when I started collecting) She appears a bit gothic as she is also a ghost’s daughter. Her dress is quite purple-ish but I opted for more grayish tint, although  the color purple is still to see. :)