Jun 222012

This was a shot of a pink rose that was turned into puzzle-looking-image. Pretty cool huh?!
I’ve shot this using my iPhone4s and found this awesome app that could make images turn into like what you see now. That was only one of its many features and wow, I think it was worth purchasing this app. I really really liked it!

I have always loved doing puzzles. Both the ones I can touch with my hands and ones I have to solve using only my brain…or even written ones. It also shows on my favorite computer games that puzzles are always involved. I even loved puzzle games on my Nintendo DS and Psp.

So now I found this coca cola puzzles I am thinking of trying some of it. I picked one with over 2,000 pieces on it, lol! I guess it’s time to set aside my doll collection for now and get puzzled, yeah! Lol! I am crazy like that :P