Feb 142013

Last night my husband and I celebrated Valentine’s day in advance with a nice dinner in a Chinese restaurant located in Rotterdam. It was busy in the restaurant so I was really surprised at the quality of the food! Usually when it’s busy it does go down ( in my experience ) but last night was perfect. So prefect we both had waaaayyy too much to eat and bloated ( and gassy too he he he ) from the food intake!

We capped the night by going to a nearby Chinese Lights exhibition where I really enjoyed the lights display. Sadly it wasn’t my husband’s the cup-of-tea but he was the one who brought me there so that I can enjoy taking photos. And took photos I did! I both had my Canon5DM2 and my iPhone4s with me and to tell you honestly, I couldn’t understand why I brought the larger camera with me when my iPhone4s gave me such awesome photos! Well, if I may say so, that is.


Dec 102012


Before moving to Europe, I would never pause just to look up to the sky and see the clouds. Back in Asia where it’s hot and humid for the most part of the year, all I wanted was to reach my destination the fastest I could to escape the heat, let alone ‘enjoy’ my surroundings, the nature the least.

But here in Holland? I am constantly looking up hoping I would find beautiful clouds enveloping the skies, especially with the sun peeking out through them just like this one I caught and shot back in October just using my iPhone4s. Lovely!!

No need to edit such pure beauty, do you agree?