Jul 272013


At last! The past days we have been experiencing Summer and oh, what a delight!!

We have missed the warmth of the sun from this side of the planet! Of course people can never be satisfied so around me I would hear ‘this temperature is too hot, blah blah blah’ just as during winter people are complaining about the cold. Oh well, I am just enjoying this summer temperature because this will not last long. Besides, there are many of those who have real problems and I will certainly not complain our temperature, warm or cold. Hang on did I just say that? I was complaining a lot about winter on my past posts, haven’t I? Well, I complained that it was dragging on for too long, that’s another thing, right?

Anyway, here’s one example of Nature’s beauty during this season. Animals in the wild. I can look at them for hours and not get bored. Animals fascinate me. They’re such beautiful creatures. Devoid of any evil that men have.

May 072012

I never considered myself good in photo editing. Before I will not even aim my camera on naked trees. But these days, I am doing those two frequently. I get joy from it. Especially when I started working on photos using apps bought from iTunes. I love experimenting by using 3-6 apps just to create something I haven’t even planned on geting as a result. Just like this one.

What do you think? (^-^)