Jul 132015

Charlie has turned 11 years old on June 10 this year. Yes, he is 11 years old!

Of course there are changes that is happening to my little baby. He now has arthritis on his front legs, sleeps a lot, sometimes seems like he has difficulty hearing sounds, but one thing that hasn’t changed is his love for me and my husband. I feel like he is more attached to us than ever before.

Charlie doing his favorite pasttime….napping next to a toy (^0^)

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Aug 232010

In the past, I’m talking about 20 years ago here, my family back in Asia had all sorts of dogs, the most we had was 7 of them all at the same time, it was just crazy. I must admit that being young then I wasn’t fully aware of what dogs are. Then I saw them as just pets. They need not be given attention nor love. Yes, I still feel guilty about that and wish I can turn back the hands of time, if I could I would. I would definitely give them all the attention and love that I now shower my Charlie. Charlie, is a pug. Our 6-year-old darling pug.

Close friends say Charlie is like a child to us. I agree. Perhaps dog ‘experts’ would find what we (husband and I) do a bit too much for a dog, but we don’t care. Charlie gives so much love in return that he only deserves the best from us humans. That is why when it comes to his food, vet visits, toys..well he sure couldn’t ask for more. Oh wait, yes there is something that he looks for, soft pillows! We do not know how it started and how but since his 1st year, he seemed to have developed an extreme liking to pillows, mattresses or anything soft. He would carry them, drag them around the house and like possessed by something, he’d play with them for hours, biting, growling and nobody can take them away from him unless he falls asleep!

I think I’d make a short video of him when he does this and post it here next time, so you’ll see what I mean.

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Dec 292009

Who is Michael Jackson’s biggest fan? My pug Charlie!
Months ago, my husband finally bought the screen of his dream , a led hdtv. After connecting the cables (that’s why you see the cables) I wanted to see how sharp it was so I took out my point and shoot camera with a video, slid a DVD of Michael Jackson in the blu-ray player. When the video starts to play, I noticed Charlie bringing his favorite pillow and lay just on my feet. And starts to watch the video. It was fun to see him really concentrated watching…and fun to experience a DVD this sharp. Yey for LED tv!