Oct 162013


A lone lily at the hotel’s garden . The bees sure were beesssyyyy!

Time to do some updating now that I’m back from my Thailand vacation.

I’m not actually thrilled to be back home *sigh*

This wet, cold, gray autumn is depressing me, really.

If only I could pack my suitcase and fly back to Asia right now, I’d do it in a hearbeat!

Nov 222012


I am almost done customizing JADE, my Blythe Emerald. I am so in love with this dolly, I think it’s because of her emerald hair which is a unique color!

Her scalp is still unattached to her head in this photo, and still is. I am not done boggling her eyes yet and giving her her 3rd eyechips set.  Here’s what I’ve done for JADE:


Opening of head carefully, scalp removal.
Sand-matted her face.
Lips curved.
Gaze corrected.
Nose given holes.
Curved philtrum.
Sightly opened her eyes socket.
New eyelashes.
2 New set of eyeschips by coolcat. I both love the 2 sets!
Airbrushed eyelid with deep green as base and with gold combination as coating.
Sleepy eyes.
2 Classic pullrings.
Made her a pair of earrings.
Sealed her face by airbrushing it with a special matte varnish (German made).

I have tried using Mr. Super Clear UV CUT FLAT but I DID NOT LIKED IT! It has a very sticky finish causing dirt to easily stick to the doll’s face. So I had to resand her face and airbrushed it with the special matte varnish that I normally use.