Jan 192010

I had another one of those days today. That is a day filled with eating! Good golly, I’m stuffed!
After school yesterday I went to do some shopping in the city. It wasn’t my plan to cook thus ingredients were the last thing in my mind but when I passed by the Asian store I couldn’t help but go in and see if they have any fresh products flown in from Asia. And indeed they had! The bittergouds were so fresh and since it happens to be my favorite I bought one. But the one that thrilled me the most was the taro leaves! They were fresh and cleaned.

I cooked them today. Sauteed the bittergoud while the leavesĀ  was cooked with coconut cream, cut pork belly, shrimp paste, ginger and bird chillies for a nice kick! I know tomorrow I will regret today’s binging, perhaps I would even find a new diet pill (because I promised myself I’ll go easy on food this new year..but that’s just next to impossible really!)but who isn’t fond of eating? Anyone? :P