Nov 142011

I’m finally able to enjoy photography again, yes! Each chance I get I would step outside and find something to photograph. I am also happy that I’m able to use my lenses which I haven’t touched for a long time. Like this fish eye lens of mine, I think it’s been more than a year since I last used it. So last week I had practise again using it.

This was among the practise shot. This was a seniors’ flat near our home. I forgot how great this lens was. Although subject is deformed due to the concave lens (hence ‘fish eye’ ), it’s one fun lens to use exactly that way, deforming subjects! And it’s also great to use at near distances, doesn’t matter if the subject stands centimeters in front of your nose :D

I hope we get some dry, sunny weather the coming days. I can’t wait to walk around and use this lens again!

Apr 062010

I was quiet the past days because of the Holy week plus I am busy preparing for an upcoming exams (can’t say what for in order not to jinx it :P) that I’ve limited my internet activity. My exams are coming up in few weeks time but I hope I’ll be able to update if not regularly, at least not once/month :D

My small family had a quiet holy week…I placed an easter egg bouquet (I bought dry plant stems and decorated then with colored eggs for Charlie, my pug) which Charlie didn’t even bother to check, &%$#@! ha ha! So I had to remove it after 3 days…a day before easter-day- hunt! Why? It was so dry my allergy acted up..poor flat nose of mine.

Anyhow, just want to share a photo I’ve taken while walking with Charlie one afternoon. This is just a few minutes away fromĀ  my home.

Feb 122010

Here’s a classic example on how NOT to shoot using a fisheye lens and flash!

It was late at night just before I went up to retire. Before turning off the light in the livingroom, I noticed that Charlie was under the coffee table, hiding. Usually he should be in bed (translation: sofa, he took it over from the humans..thus yes, our livingroom is his bedroom) but that night I don’t why he was under there.

Not wanting to walk to the light switch to turn the lights back on, I used my camera flash and so, that shadow in the middle was from the built-in flash. If only camera built in flashes have ” light fixtures” that automatically adjust into any situation, eh?