Mar 202012

For years I was trying to find my ‘style’ in photography. I knew that I love doing macro photography. It poses challenges, many challenges, than any other ‘style’. Oopps, photographers who read this, that’s just my opinion, all right? :D:P Well anyway, as I was saying…I think I might be on the track where my photography style should be going. It’s causing me eyestrain even before finishing doing it (almost everyday now) per session but I am liking my results.

I love doing photography under low lights. Sometimes almost none at all in a dim room. Quite challenging. Getting nice results makes it worthwhile though, and that makes me happy :)

Mar 182012

Yes it is! I can’t wait for Spring to officially begin at this side of the planet! I just can’t wait to shed all these thick clothes, thick shoes, and just feel the warmth of the sun against my whole body that is aching for it!!

In the meantime, beautiful flowers are keeping me company. They’re around all year long but buying them from flower shops are pretty costly thus market it is for me if I want them in our home on a weekly basis.

These tulips are part of the bunck that I bought yesterday. I was in the mood to do some photography and this was just one of the almost 100 that I took.

Well…I really just wanted to say that I’m excited for the coming of Spring!