Aug 232010

We Farm…or I should say I Farm (on iPad)

Even as a child, I loved playing games. Electronic games. My first experience playing it was when my father, who then was a seaman brought home our first atari game console. Needless to say, me and my siblings truly enjoyed those times whenever we’re allowed to play, that is after we’re done with school/ homeworks.

As an adult (and probably too old…but do I care? :P ) I still play a lot. And I’m glad I do. I’m glad for Facebook’s games and other game consoles that I own, playing helps me forget even temporarily, that my father is no longer with us. Perhaps that sounds ridiculous, but when I want to forget or to avoid crying, I grab, like my iPad..and play away.

Speaking of iPad, yep…after belittling it here on my very blog just many weeks ago, guess who’s got it and enjoying it every waking moments?

but that’s another story…perhaps I’ll share in the future why I have the tablet.