Aug 112013

I have always wanted to feel how it is to take photos under the water. Being without an underwater camera, well, that was impossible for me to do..until…

I decided to buy a cheap underwater and voila!


Shot with Nikon Coolpix S31

okay okay, it’s not quite an underwater shot because I wasn’t submerged into the water when I took this shot but only the camera and my hand, lol! This was stream created by the filter in our aquarium. I did disturbed the fishes during the shoot too, in fact my hand ‘swam’ after trying to capture a few good shots but I only manage to take some not-so-good shots (so I’m not publishing any of those), besides I didn’t want to frighten the poor things too much.

This camera sure will be put into good use on our upcoming beach vacation, yay!! *woot woot!* Later I’ll be doing a review of this camera.

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